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Welcome to the Institute of Finance Case Research (IFCR). The IFCR is an academic organization committed to the production and promotion of case research and instructional techniques in all areas of finance. IFCR members include college professors, finance practitioners, and academic writers.

The IFCR publishes two academic journals:

The Journal of Finance Case Research (JFCR) [ISSN 1527-5426] is a periodical double-blind refereed journal which began in the Fall of 1999. The JFCR seeks decision cases and discussion cases for possible publication. Decision cases should present a complete scenario to the reader, with proper appendices and support information to deal with the issues in the case. Decision cases should be accompanied by a separate teaching note, that guides professors in effectively using the case to enhance the student's experiential learning event. Discussion cases target the exposition of more complex scenarios, and are more clinical in nature, often not necessarily seeking to provide a correct answer or strategy, but to provide a useful and complete anecdotal event or scenario. Although a teaching note should also be prepared for discussion cases, the teaching note often only guides the user through gleaning the particular lessons the case provides. For further details, click on the journal.




The Journal of Instructional Techniques in Finance (JITF) [ISSN pending] is a periodical double-blind refereed journal which began in the Fall of 2008. The JITF seeks articles concerning innovative and effective teaching techniques, tools for educators, and especially techniques designed to enhance the student experience in finance courses at the college level. The JITF is designed to be useful to finance professors wanting to create better understanding of financial methodologies and analyses among their students. If you have used techniques that have helped you achieve this, please consider formally sharing it through our JITF venue.





IFCR Mission
The IFCR is a professional association dedicated to the production, dissemination and publication of cases and instructional techniques in all areas of finance. The Institute supports these objectives through sponsorship of conferences, publication of the JFCR and JITF, and other activities. The IFCR is a supportive organization that operates on the basis of mutual respect among members and encourages positive and helpful review of the academic work of others, with the ultimate goal of producing high quality, peer-reviewed, published cases and instructional techniques in finance.

IFCR Purpose and Goals
The IFCR exists for the purpose of providing case writers and case users in finance with a peer reviewed outlet for, and a continual source of, high quality cases and instructional techniques. The IFCR began in response to increasing demand for effective real world applications of finance theory and concepts. This demand, in part, stems from a movement in business schools to provide experiential learning while maintaining the vicarious nature of a structured learning environment. Unlike experiential learning through on-the-job trial and error, using cases and other techniques in the classroom provides the capacity for learning without serious penalty for the student’s mistakes, and provides for the possibility of exposure to a wide variety of business experiences. Use of cases as a teaching tool allows a professor or trainer to bring to light real world applications.

Unfortunately, in finance, a broad-based supply of new high quality cases and techniques is rather hard to come by. Perhaps it is the lack of ‘softness’ in the discipline or perhaps it is because the reward for effective case writing has not been evident. With the advent of new definitions of ‘intellectual contributions’ by accrediting bodies and an acceptance, especially at predominantly teaching institutions, of case writing as an acceptable means of conducting research in an applied way, the need for an organization that promotes case writing and use became evident.

The IFCR provides a professional venue for the writing of cases and instructional techniques and their submission for peer review. Cases accepted for publication in the JFCR will have met the quality requirements of a double-blind referee process and will be available for use through Journal subscriptions. Our first JFCR issue was in the Fall of 1999. Instructional techniques accepted for publication in the JITF will have met the quality requirements of double editorial review and will be available for use through Journal subscriptions or via website downloads. Teaching notes are available to instructors desiring to use published cases by contacting the Managing Editor of the JFCR.

In addition, the Institute continues to promote the interaction of case writers in conference settings. The overall objective of conferences is to create interaction and camaraderie among case writers, and to provide a source of high quality cases for case users. Cases and instructional techniques addressing virtually any area of finance are appropriate for submission to the IFCR. We hope that the IFCR can serve your interests as case writers and case users.


IFCR Conferences
The IFCR is pleased to sponsor case sessions at numerous finance conferences. In past years, we have had case sessions at the conferences of the Financial Education Association (FEA),the Academy of Economics and Finance (AEF), the Financial Management Association (FMA), the Midwest Finance Association (MFA), and the Southwestern Finance Association (SWFA).

Conference submissions may be made through each organization’s website, each of which should include a topic area for cases or clinical papers. Some conferences also accept teaching technique papers through "finance education" or similar topic areas. We encourage authors to follow a format convenient for later submission to the JFCR or JITF (click on the appropriate link for editorial guidelines at each of the journals above). At conferences where a sufficient number of case submissions are received, we will award the IFCR Distinguished Case Research Award.


Financial Education Association, September 20-22, 2018, Historic Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas. Submission Deadline: May 15th, 2018.

Academy of Economics and Finance, February 6-9, 2019, Tradewinds Island Grand Resort, St. Pete Beach, Florida. Submission Deadline: November 1, 2018.


IFCR Membership
Membership in the IFCR is annually renewable. The fee is $50.00 per year. Authors submitting manuscripts for possible publication must be a member of the Institute. No other fee is necessary for manuscript submission. For those who prefer to pay a “submission fee,” which includes the one-year subscription (it accomplishes the same result), see the Submissions section at the appropriate journal (JFCR or JITF). At least one author on each submission must be a member or pay the submission fee. Our operations are supported wholly by membership and submission fees. We receive no support from universities or conferences.

1. Email the Membership Application and pay by credit card by clicking on the following PayPal icon (it may take a few seconds to load):

2. Download (Save) the Membership Application, fill it out, and mail as directed in the application. A check may be enclosed with the membership application rather than paying by credit card.

*If a manuscript is accepted for publication, all listed authors must either be IFCR members, or must submit the submission fee prior to publication.


IFCR Sponsors and Donations
Note: The IFCR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation chartered under the laws of North Carolina.

We are pleased to welcome corporate, institutional, and individual sponsors to membership in the IFCR. Two levels of sponsorship are currently offered, although other proposed support strategies will certainly be considered.
1. Corporate/Institutional Sponsor Membership - $1,500 per year, annually renewable. Members are prominently mentioned in our activities publications during the year(s) of sponsorship. Representatives from the sponsoring organization may submit case manuscripts for conferences and Journal review, and enjoy the privileges extended to all members.
2. Corporate/Institutional Donor – These are organizations supporting the IFCR with cash donations of amounts to be determined by the donor. Donations received by the IFCR may be disclosed in prominent places within our publications, or, at the donor’s option, be mentioned in less prominent ways or suppressed altogether. The nature of these donations is determined by the donor.
3. Individuals – Individuals, estates, and trusts are encouraged to join our mission with individual sponsorships. The funds from these sponsorships are used according to the objectives of the Institute that are of interest to the donor.

We will work closely with potential sponsors and donors to structure the Corporate/Institutional Memberships or Donations to accomplish the goals of both the IFCR and the sponsoring organization. Please direct all inquiries to:

Dr. Robert Stretcher, President
Institute of Finance Case Research
Department of General Business and Finance
Sam Houston State University
Box 2056
Huntsville, TX 77341
(936) 294-3308

The IFCR is an equal opportunity nonprofit organization.